we love Brimfield!

This morning it was raining when we departed the hotel, and it was drizzling when we stood outside a gate waiting to be allowed entrance to the first field of antiques dealers today. And, Tommy, Barry, and I chatted a bit, and then went to separate entrances to see what we could pick up.

The clock struck 6 am, and we were off! I meandered the aisle, and managed to find an interesting advertising pocket knife with corkscrew. The ad is for S. Piana, 63 BAXTER ST. NEW YORK (and is adorned with grapes). The other side also has grapes, but also an image of a bottle, under which is written IMPORTER WHOLESALER WINES LIQUORS. A neat first find of the day!

After walking around a while longer, and finding some simple direct pulls, I ran across a dealer with a Delavigne French single lever corkscrew. Unmarked, and painted green, the corkscrew was in pretty good shape regardless. The asking price was high, and I made an offer anyway. He looked at me rather insulted, and said, ‘well, you are close to what I paid for it.’ We laughed, and he put it back in the case. Oh well, surely there is a great find out there for a great price : )

As I finished my appointed rounds, I ran into another dealer who had even more mechanical anri bottle stoppers. I made an offer, and picked up 5 more. And, these ones are pretty fabulous. Definitely heading for eBay.

After breakfast, and wandering around for a while, it was nearing time to hit the next field. Tommy, Barry, and I headed for the gate, and soon enough the doors opened. I took off, and headed left–which is my usual route.

I zipped from booth to booth, asking for corkscrews, looking for corkscrews, and hoping for corkscrews. Then, about halfway down row 3, I entered a booth and saw a wooden handle and a brush. I quickly grabbed the piece, and picked it up. It looked to be complete, and while I recognized the mechanism, I thought Kummer, wasn’t quite sure. It didn’t matter, I told the dealer, "I will buy it." And, after agreeing to pay the whopping 15 dollar asking price (and handing over the money) tucked the piece inside my jacket, and headed off to the next booth.

Robert, had just texted me to ask if I had found anything, and I quickly called him back. After a little phone tag, and then emailing him a photo from my Iphone, Robert was back on the phone confirming that it was indeed the 1880 Kummer patent. Right about this time, I ran to Barry and Tommy who also shared the same information.

Definitely the find of the day, and possibly the week. I mean, what if something tops it tomorrow. I can only hope!!!

So, here are the finds for the week. The first photo is the finds from yesterday. The second, the finds from today (minus all the Anri).

More hunting tomorrow!!!!

evening one of Brimfield

While, technically last night was evening one; as we were in the vicinity of Brimfield. Today we walked the fields, and began the corkscrew hunt.

In short order a couple of corkscrews were purchased, and we were again on our way. A roundlet here, a folding bow there, nothing truly rare, but nice pieces still.

In one field, after being corralled like cattle, the appointed time arrived and we began the stampede. After wading through the aftermath, I happened upon a Rotary Eclipse. I had it in my hands, thought over the price, and even talked them down a little. Still, the Eclipse remains with the sellers; even after I alerted the entire corkscrew community of its presence. And, when I say community, I mean community. All the usual suspects were meandering the fields; Barry Taylor, Mike Gordon, Ken Cameron, Tommy, Flavious, me, Bob Wilson, and Ron Cuttajar to name a few.

In the next field, we all meandered the aisles, and I picked up a greeley, picnic kit with corkscrew, and a couple of simple direct pulls. Then, as I was pretty much done, and knowing we would soon be meeting up to head back to the hotel, I walked one more aisle. A seller who recognized me, told me he had a corkscrew, and I walked over to the table. Soon, I was looking at an Anri Bar set, that was surrounded by about 20 anri mechanical corkers. He looked at me, and said, No, I mean this one; holding up a simple mechanical corkscrew.

I told him thanks, and then continued to examine the anri, the stands they sat upon, the bar set, the other pieces he had. And, being a rather cooperative dealer, explained to me that he was selling the entire lot of anri for one price. I paused to hear what the price was.

After hearing his number, I looked again at the pieces. He was much lower than the lot should sell for. So, I did what any responsible corkscrewteer would do, I asked for a better price. And, he agreed.

As, I was reaching for my money clip, who should appear but Tommy. I whispered what the deal was, and he simply nodded. Then, I offered him to go in half. Looking for a moment at the lot, he reached for his wallet.

Pictures of the corkscrew and anri finds tomorrow. And, we head back to the fields for more antiquing in the morning. What will turn up next?????

Ajoux and Lobster

could it be?

It looks like it could be…

It does look remarkably similar…

So… I won this lot of openers last night for a low price. High if you hadn’t noticed the corkscrew in the middle of the lot, and low if you recognized the corkscrew in the middle of the lot. It makes for a nice kick off of the Brimfield Antiques show, for which we depart in a couple of hours.

It has been a great few days with Tommy visiting. Our days and evenings filled with laughter, lobster, drinks, and corkscrews. Here is Tommy meeting his dinner…

After the boat, we will head down the coast and antique a little before we meet up with BT at the Student Prince for dinner. Then tomorrow an eeeeeeeeeeeeeeearly morning start, and the Brimfield Hunt will begin.

More news as it happens, stay tuned!

Seals, Lobsters, and Corkscrewteers

Yesterday, I hopped on the boat, and drove down to pick up Tommy. While making the drive, I received a phone call from an antique dealer, who explained that the Seal corkscrew mentioned a couple of days ago, was available. I promised to pick it up on my way back to the island later that afternoon.

Like clockwork, I parked the car at the airport, Tommy arrived, his bags arrived, and we were in the mini heading back up the coast. But, given we had a little time on our our hands, we decided to hit a few antique stores along the way. And, at the first stop, Tommy picked up a Converse patent for a song (not that he actually sang).

A few miles later, we met up with the seal dealer. I handed him the cash, and he handed me the seal. It is definitely an early carving, probably done by some sailor. Definitely ivory, and remarkably cool.

We hit a few more antique stores along the way (sold some corkscrews to one guy) and then hopped on the boat.

Meanwhile, JD–our lobstering neighbor–swung by with tonight’s dinner. And, the lovely wanted to make sure Tommy had a proper welcome, and sent this photo to my iphone (I am assuming it was Sue that sent it, it could have been the lobsters)

On to the building. Island Spirits officially opened yesterday, and the place was hopping. We only got back to the V-Haven at 6 pm, but we heard the wine, bread, and cheese were flying off the shelves.

Frary-ian Destiny

In an interesting turn of events, a Frary direct pull corkscrew with decorative handle was listed on eBay last week. Inundated with offers, the seller stopped the auction, and apparently decided to do a little research.

This same corkscrew reappeared Sunday with a buy it now or best offer price of 275.00.

Some of the boys were watching this, and were poised to take it at 275, with thoughts that I would want it, or might trade for it. However, it remained on all Sunday night, and into Monday morning. I looked closely at the photos, and decided to make an offer.

There were three other offers !

After looking at the photos again, I wondered if the piece might have been missing its bell. And, with this question in the back of my mind, I retracted my offer, and re-offered at a lower price.

Having exchanged emails regarding the corkscrew with the seller, I explained my concern. Still, perhaps the lower price would take it.

Shortly after making my offer, I got an email from RL. He asked if I "got it" for 215. I explained that it wasn’t me. And over a phone call discussed the concerns of the corkscrew, and various other corkscrewing issues.

That said, if the piece is right, it is a nice deal at 215. If it is missing something, 215 is a bit high. But, until someone has it in their hot little hands, how can we really know. Oh well, it went to someone else.

Or, did it…. : )

As luck would have it, Tommy ended up being the winning offer-er, and emailed this morning asking if I was interested in it.

I have proposed a little trade material–Syroco Catalogs and other Ephemera to be exact. And, if the corkscrew arrives before Thursday afternoon, it looks like he will bring it with him for his upcoming Vinalhaven/Brimfield visit.

I may have to throw something else in, but the catalogs date to 1908 and 1934, and are very cool.

So… if this is indeed NOT missing its bell, it will make for a nice addition to the Frary Collection . If it is missing its bell, it will still be a nice addition, as it will help to show Frary’s handy work.

The countdown to Brimfield!, and the lovely adds to her collection

It is May 1st, and in 6 days Tommy arrives in Portland, where I will pick him up and head back to the island. A couple of days on Vinalhaven (lobster, halibut, wine, etc…) and then we had down for Brimfield. What will be found this time around, time will only tell.

A giant box filled with corkscrews arrived yesterday, and while I opened and un-bubblewrapped each one, the lovely bride apparently found one to her liking. And, so a very nice stag handled Henshall, with fluted worm and ornate shank has been added to her collection.

I don’t know when exactly it happened, but her love of Sterling corkscrews has been expanded to include a whole lot of other nice things…

Out of that same box, an interesting lead handled Clough emerged. It has advertising on the handle, and I have yet to see another lead handled Clough with any markings. This one reads, "C.JOLY PHILA" on both sides of the handle, and "DOMINO WHISKEY" on the ends of the handle.

And, I have listed 10 corkscrews on eBay. Some interesting stuff ripe for the taking given that the ICCA auctions conclude tomorrow.