a corkscrew and vault contest

As mentioned a while back, we completed the front half of the building renovation last month. And, Island Spirits (a wine shop) opened inside on May 7th.

And, while I will finish up the renovations on the back half of the building in the coming weeks, I figured I would put together a little contest.

Inside the building, when we first acquired it, was a bank vault made out of brick and mortar with a steel insert. The vault itself was 10 feet by 10 feet, 9 feet tall. There were multiple layers of brick (4 actually), 9 pieces of railroad track, and 3/4 inch thick steel that made up the insert.

And, over several months, the vault was dismantled. First with a sledgehammer, jackhammer, then a torch.

So… here is the contest. We have figured out the weight of all the materials that made up the vault. Whomever guesses closest to the actual amount, gets an antique corkscrew!

Feel free to submit your guesses via email, or through the comment section below.

The prize? Well, I haven’t quite decided yet, but it will be a corkscrew of some age!