a little heavy lifting

Okay… I would rather be mentioning the great corkscrew that I just found, but no such luck.

However, I did have an interesting encounter today. The interesting part about it, is that it isn’t that unusual in my day to day life here on the island.

So, I am walking down the street, and suddenly someone whom I have never really met, makes eye contact with me, and proceeds to ask if I wouldn’t mind helping them move a heavy piece of furniture.

I say, "of course I don’t mind," and proceed to help them move the dresser into their building, then up a flight of stairs, and through their place until we have it near its final destination.

We then introduce ourselves to each other, he says thanks, and I am soon on my way.

Now… what is the big deal you ask? Well, this happens often. And I mean OFTEN!

For example, not so long ago, I was walking down the street with the lovely bride, and someone came up to me, and, "so how are you feeling today."

"Good," I replied.

To which the fellow responded. "Well then, can you help me load this into the back of my truck."

And, of course… I did.

Granite sculptures being moved from an artist’s studio into the gallery. Said granite sculptures being moved back to the studio, furniture, treadmills, granite pavers, weights & bench down a couple of flights of stairs, multiple tables, a pallet wine and beer into the wine shop, it is really quite the phenomenon.

Perhaps this is a result of being relatively new to the island. Maybe once you have lived here for a couple of years, the know better than to ask, as your back has long since given out.