August Holland-Cunz

The other day, I managed to find this little corkscrew online with quite the fuzzy photo. And, it was described as being marked KLONE–knowing that it is also marked DRGM, I grabbed Ferd’s book on German Registrations, and set about hunting the KLONE down.

With a blurry photo, not knowing that if the worm was sharp or not, nor who the hell KLONE was, I took a chance and bought the corkscrew.

After doing a little online hunt, and going through each page of Ferd’s book, I managed to find the corkscrew. It is August Holland-Cunz 1932 German registration # 1216884. And, it isn’t marked KLONE, it is marked KRONE.

At least that is what Ferd’s book says, it is entirely possible that the corkscrew manufacturers made a typo

Well, the corkscrew arrived today, and it does indeed have a sharp helix, it is indeed marked DRGM

and KRONE (spelled correctly) but hard to read from the finish loss

, and it is pretty cool little corkscrew.

A nice addition to the growing German corkscrew collection.

Note to self: spend more time reading Ferd’s books!!!