Frary’s “~Self Extracting Corkscrew”

I have been looking for more Frarys to add to the James D. Frary corkscrew collection, and out of the blue an email arrives with a photo.

After several emails that followed, a deal was worked out for a trade for the entire lot.

While they cost me multiple corkscrews, the Frary "~Self Extracting Corkscrew" is one that I have wanted for some time. And, it is now heading to the island!

The others are doubles, but having extra Frarys to trade with other Frary fans is always a good thing!

The new Frary will be added to the website momentarily. Be sure to check it out! and if you have a Frary corkscrew which you would like to part with, let me know!

2 responses

  1. Josef:

    I suddenly dawned on my, based on your email address, that you probably have a website. Bingo! What a great website, and what a delight to read and see so much about Frary corkscrews. One style mimics the one I prefer today — the self-extracting style — which is hard to find with quality tooling. I may become a collector myself!


    Jim Ladd

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