Frarys Arrive, Twigg updates, and the Sacramento leg saga continues

The other day, I had mentioned that there were more Frarys to be added to the collection. They arrived yesterday, and I am quite pleased. While three are technically doubles, the Frary with the open handle and Henshall-like button is a Frary-ation that I didn’t yet have.

It has an interesting button with a little plus sign grip!

There are still other Frarys that I am after, so be sure and send pictures if you have any with which you would like to part!

On to the Twigg… I have been receiving a plethora of emails regarding the Twigg. Keep them coming; I appreciate all the information that has been offered thus far. All I can really say at the moment, is that I don’t have it in my hands yet. In a couple of days, I will post better photos! A very cool find!

And, the Sacramento leg saga continues. The latest posting on the garage sale mishap playing out on craigslist reads as follows:

"corkscrew with legs on it ACCIDENTALLY sold at Estate sale $ REWARD $ (Sacramento)

A corkscrew was accidentally sold at our estate sale approx. 10 days ago. My Aunt sold it for $1…it was not supposed to be sold. It was my mothers has sentimental value. We are offering $100 for it to be returned or we will give you a nice credit towards other items for sale. We are in the process of going through the garage for the upcoming sale and we will give you first choice of the items for sale. There are tools, fishing poles, old pocket knives, lots of golfing stuff, etc. Please call me at (phone number removed)…I am heartbroken that it’s gone!!! A picture of a similar corkscrew is below. THANK YOU!!!!!"

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