back from DC

We made it back!

After a great weekend with 3/4 of the Costa Rica Crew, we hopped on the boat this afternoon and are back on the island.

For all those interested, if all went well, the Twigg will be waiting for me at the post office. So, shortly after 10:00 tomorrow morning, I will head down and see if it has arrived. Photos will be posted tomorrow (hopefully).

We did manage to hit an antique show in Arlington, VA on Sunday and while the big purchases of the day was some antique lighting for the new house (which we close on in two days!), I also managed to find some corkscrews. Nothing outrageous, but the price was right. In fact, one was priced so low, I think it was -2.00 (yes, minus two dollars).

As it happened, I picked up a little old forester bullet roundlet with an asking price of 50.00. In the same booth, I found a little multi-tool opener/corkscrew for 8 dollars. I knew I would buy the multitool regardless of negotiations.

So, I saunter over to the dealer and ask him what is his best price on the bullet. He looks at the piece, then at the price tag, and says 40 bucks. I nodded, and held up the multi-tool for 8. He responded with 40 for the pair!

Really? Yes, really!

The bullet and multi-tool remain in Maryland for the moment, as one of our friends will be driving up to Maine soon, and will be delivering the antique lighting to us. And, as much as I hated to leave them there, I did take pictures.

And, after perusing Don’s Ultimate book, I found the little multi-tool on page 163. His is marked differently, but they are definitely the same.


I have yet to research that company, but will report back when I do find information on the company.

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