I have had a fair amount of Greeley cork pullers over the years, and while I would love to find a folding one someday, this evening while I was at dinner with the lovely, auctionsniper managed to find a greeley (not folding) with its original box.

I am pretty sure the box once contained multiple Greeleys, and perhaps this will require me to pick up another nine or so…


a good story…

So… I got the Indian that I mentioned the other day, and he is even better than the photos! The paint is perfect.

In conversation with the person selling, he explained the story told to him by the daughter of the previous (and original) Syroco Indian owner.

Apparently the woman’s father had brought it home new in the 50’s, and he promptly set it atop his bar. And, there it sat for the next 50 years, only being removed to be dusted. It was never used!

After her father’s passing, it still sat there until they decided to have an estate sale. Where upon the perfect Indian made it into another person’s hands, who promptly emailed me.

A truly fantastic Syroco corkscrew!

Pictures soon…!

in the Knud.

For two years in a row at Brimfield, I have missed out on a Knudsen patent pencil/corkscrew. Last year, Ken Cameron picked one up, and this July, Barry got one too.

Well, I finally have picked one up, and it is a dandy. While it doesn’t carry advertising, it is marked around the little clasp PAT. PENDING and MODERN B.

A nice addition, and one that will stay in the collection. And, it even has lead in it. It works!

on our way back from Brimfield

Well, it was a hot sweaty Brimfield, but there were corkscrews to be had. I will add pictures in a day or so, but I did pick up some small stuff. The big stuff, the best of the best, was purchased by Barry yesterday. In one field he got both a Crosby pup and a Nobis patent.

It does seem that every show, there is one really nice piece. And, while it was my turn to find it in May (the 1880 Kummer), it was Barry’s turn to find it in July. Who will make the big find in September, we shall see in a few months.

That said, we did pick up a nice Bennit after Brimfield. Not a corkscrew, but a new corkscrew-hunting-canine-companion named "Bennit."

Brimfield Bound

We are hopping in the Mini, hopping on the boat, then hopping off the boat, and hopping into the Xterra. A few miles down the coast, with a requisite stop at "Treats" in Wiscasset for coffee, then we head South towards Boston.

Dinner with Barry and Marty Taylor tonight, and then…

tomorrow morning it is Brimfield!