tool kit arrives

The tool kit mentioned the other day arrived. And, it really is an interesting/odd/fascinating corkscrew.

First of all, the idea of having a corkscrew attachment for a tool that also includes a saw simply mystifies me. That said, having a bottle opener on the sole of a Reef flip-flop didn’t make much sense to me either

However, I did buy a pair, and whilst fishing in Costa Rica, they did come in handy–or footy as it were.

But, I digress, as I am prone to do.

Anyway… the tool kit arrived and it is marked across the piece, PATS APPLD FOR. And, each tool is also marked with initials. For instance the corkscrew is marked CS.

I have been digging around google patents to try and figure out what patents the tool kit maker was applying for, but thus far nothing.

A great piece for the collection, and definitely a mystery to unravel!

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