corkscrews in Union!

The antiques show in Union was a great time. 6 of us met up, and strolled the grounds, and I did pick up one or two odds and ends. Nothing really impressive however. Then, I ran into a formerly grumpy antiques dealer, with whom I had a run in or two, who happened to have a Sperry in his possession.

For some reason, his grumpiness had since been alleviated, however what he lacked in grumpiness he made up for in pricey-ness. The price tag on the Sperry was 4200.00!!!! Needless to say the Sperry remains with the less grumpy dealer.

As I retraced my steps through a couple of aisles seeing if I had missed anything, a voice from behind a table said… "Hey, I have one of those for you over here."

Apparently, he knew that I collected corkscrews.

I sauntered over, and he pulled out a corkscrew with a 25 dollar price tag. By the time, it reached my hand, the price had dropped to 20 dollars, and at first glance, I knew I would buy it.

As I left his little area, I looked closely at the wooden handle. And, the 20 dollar price, became an even better deal as I reached the next booth.

The handle, was marked with a patent date. PAT. MAY 27, 1862.

For those of you that recognize the date, that would be Chinnock’s patent! And, a lovely example it is!

A nice little piece to find at an antiques show. However, this happens to be a double, if anyone wants to offer an appropriate trade : )

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