could it be another Frary heading to the collection

While I was in Brimfield in July, I received an email from a collector overseas who explained that while they lived in the states, they had picked up some nice American corkscrews. Somehow, word had gotten out to them about my current lust for Frary corkscrews, and they sent a picture of the one they had.

I was quick to make a trade offer, but to no avail. However, as fortune would have it, I have picked up a couple of the very items said Fray-emailer was looking for.

So, now, a trade has been proposed, and I will think about whether it will happen. I mean, I would love to add another Frary to the collection–as it currently stands at 13 (4 of these being doubles). And, it is different. It is very similar to the squashed handle Frary with the henshall-type button.

What makes it more insteresting however, is that instead of the normal plus sign edge, it has two little hook like protrusions that would assist in grabbing the cork.

I am inclined to make the deal, but further discussions will ensure over the next few hours. If the deal does get done, and the aforementioned Frary does become part of the collection, I will update you all here (and on the Frary page).

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