a few more arrivals!

As mentioned yesterday, I have been waiting for a few corkscrews to arrive. Some of these have been acquired in trade, and one (several actually) in a non-ebay auction.

The first is the Giant Williamson, which after a little attention, suddenly is free from surface rust. A nice addition to the collection.

Another arrival, is the Frary corkscrew with henshall type button and grabbing teeth. I will add this to the Frary page soon!

And, finally–these have yet to arrive, but I was fortunate enough to win an auction lot through an online auction house (not ebay) yesterday. The photo is rather fuzzy, but you can make out a fancy handled Walker corkscrew in the lot. And, upon contacting the auctioneer to confirm my win, he explained that they found another corkscrew that they threw into the lot.

What will the mystery corkscrew be? Oh, the mind simply races!!!


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