disappearing corkscrew

Well, for 6 days I had a corkscrew on my eBay watchlist. And, with 12 hours to go, it was still at the opening bid of 69 dollars. I placed a snipe bid, and set about my day.

After running errands in preparation for a week long trip that begins tomorrow, I went back to check email and such, and happened to check on the status of the aforementioned corkscrew. Suddenly, it had vanished.

I checked again, and it seems the seller pulled the auction.

Something evil is a foot, me thinks.

And, of course shortly thereafter, I received an email from a scoundrel who shall remain nameless who was celebrating his newfound booty. It seems that the corkscrew didn’t vanish, it instead was sold offline.

Now, I am not complaining here, but I had set a fairly high snipe bid hoping that I would snag the mis-identified corkscrew for a pittance.

As previously mentioned, I will not identify the party involved, but the corkscrew is hearding to the Southwest.

As for our trip, we are heading to New Hampshire, and then Vermont for a couple of days. And, then whilst the lovely returns to the island, I will head out to Brimfield on the hunt. I will update the blog should anything turn up.

btw: here is the disappearing corkscrew, which was mid-identified as a Bennit patent in the eBay listing.