two days, two corkscrews

There wasn’t as many antique stores as one would have hoped on the way to North Conway, but one tiny antique store off the beaten track did have a colonial crafts pig butt corkscrew. After a little bargaining, the corkscrew was mine, and I was off again.

After leaving North Conway, and heading to Vermont, the lovely and I stopped off for a cup of coffee, and conveniently there was an antique store next to the coffee house. I walked in, scoured the place for helixes, and did discover one. And, it is nice little addition to the collection. A simple Clough wooden sleeve corkscrew, it has advertising for Rockwell Clough corkscrews, and also reads, "THE CLOUGH CORKSCREW WAS THE FIRST WIRE CORKSCREW AND THE ORIGIN OF ALL THE PATENT MEDICINE CORKSCREWS NOW SEEN BY THE MILLION ALL OVER THE WORLD"

I have 5 other Clough’s with Clough advertising, but haven’t had this one before.

Tomorrow the lovely heads back to the island, and I start the drive to Brimfield. Perhaps a few more corkscrews will turn up in our travels.

Stay tuned!