Brimfield day 2 and 3

Brimfield on day 2 was wet. Really wet, and Barry and I found shelter underneath a temporarily welcoming dealer’s tent. Thunder, lightning, rain, wind.

As we had conversations about auctions, the ICCA, recent finds, potential trades, upcoming meetings, the dealer got increasingly impatient with us to depart our safe and dry spot, and eventually asked us if we would make room for some paying customers. All two of them that had entered the booth in the last 20 minutes during the storm.

We soon departed, and went about our business. Over the course of the morning, I did pick up a lovely Sterling roundlet, that I subsequently sold to MG. He hadn’t picked anything up, so I decided to have mercy on him and doubled my money to boot!

As far as day 3 (today), I had an appointment to meet up with a former corkscrew collector who was going to bring his collection to Brimfield (secretly, for me to see). And, apparently he left the house without it. His partner and I exchanged business cards, and hopefully over the coming weeks, we can start working a deal.

With the collection a no show, and many hours to drive to the boat, I decided to ditch the field opening at 9, and start heading for home. With a nice small collection of corkscrews in my backpack, I hit the road.

And, with a brief stop for coffee, gas, and wine (not all at the same location), I did manage to get to the terminal to catch the 2:45 boat.

After a rainy crossing, I made a quick stop at the post office, where there was a fantastic signed Griswold patent waiting for me. Pictures of this find tomorrow!

On another corkscrew note, I got an email regarding another collection for sale. In amongst the rare corkscrews was a less than snappy alligator corkscrew. I decided to spring for this little celluloid alligator, with hopes he isn’t as bad as the picture. We will know soon enough.