Griswold, Decorative Cast Bell, and a lovely pair of legs…

The other day, I had mentioned that the Griswold patent had arrived. And, here it is pictured in all its glory. Marked with the patent date across the handle, it will undoubtedly make the best 6 for 2010.

Also, the decorative cast iron handled corkscrew–a Walker if I am not mistaken–arrived in a box of 12 other corkscrews. The 12th, which was a bonus, was one of those little lead fish corkscrews, with the corkscrew in the mouth. I had hoped, the auctioneer would have slipped in a Russell patent : )

And, on the heels of scoring the Hootch Owl yesterday, I was sent an email inquiring if I was interested in a pair of ladies legs corkscrew. I responded in the affirmative, and was sent pictures shortly thereafter.

While the corkscrew itself has a little rust (or maybe a lot of rust), this is a pair of steel legs with advertising for "Loerzel & Bro. Saugerties, NY." While technically not a double, given that I do have another pair of steel legs with different advertising, this may be available for trade : )

Loerzel & Bro, was a brewery in the founded in 1874–the Loerzel Brothers name was used from 1888-1893 (according to Don Bull —


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