I prefer my corkscrews rusty

A friend recently was asking how to remove rust from a corkscrew.

Personally, I am a fan of naval jelly, although I don’t generally spend too much time cleaning up the rust unless it is just a little surface rust. I prefer the aged patinated look.

After sharing the naval jelly suggestion, my colleague thought that the naval jelly might have an adverse effect on some of the non-rusty materials which make up the corkscrew; i.e. brass and wood.

Rumor has it, that he decided to use a battery and some baking soda… I have heard of this as a possible means to remove rust, but the process seems a bit messy.

So…, I decided to see what exactly what that process entails, and found a non-corkscrew item being cleaned with a battery on youtube

Now, I am unsure as to whether the battery/soda corkscrew cleaning process looked exactly like this, but if given a choice, I will take the rust on the corkscrews please.