hootch and compiling the best 6

The Hootch Owl arrived the other day, and it is in fantastic shape!

The Hootchie will probably make the best 6 of the year, and given we are closing in on the end of the fiscal corkscrew year (next month for the CCCC), I have been trying to put together my 2010 best 6.

Which 6 corkscrews make the cut? This question needs to be answered a little more quickly this year, as I (as well as others) have been asked to present a "live best 6" at the ICCA AGM next week.

Will a few Frarys make the cut? A few German rarities? A couple of unusual American patents? Or, could there be some fantastic find unearthed before the meeting starts.

Of course, with the publication of the best 6, comes the corkscrewteer tradition of publishing your wishlist for the upcoming year. What 6 corkscrews are you most desirous of, that you hope to attain in 2011?


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