visiting Fred and Jackie’s

The meeting has been fantastic thus far, and one of the highlights was going to Fred and Jackie’s house for a picnic and viewing of his collection.

I should say here, that their home is unbelievable.  Fantastic views, lots of glass, quite modern!

After a delicious lunch, many of us headed directly for the collection.

Of course, photos cannot do the collection justice.  You really need to visit Fred and Jackie to get an idea of how awesome their collection is.

During the picnic, Fred mentioned that in the guest house there were corkscrews available for free.  I headed down hoping to find a Frary : )

I didn’t find one in the guest house where the free corkscrews were on display (an ever shrinking one at that), however I did find one that I don’t have within his collection.  I did make an offer of a trade, but thus far, Fred hasn’t agreed.  That said, I might suggest that he bring it with him to Boston so hopefully it will end up going home with me.

Of course, there have been many other highlights to the meeting thus far, and I will post other pictures in the coming days!



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