love the BIN

I was checking eBay yesterday evening, and suddenly a pair of legs appeared with a Buy it Now.

I hesitated for a moment, to check to see if there was any missing celluloid, cracks, etc. However, knowing that someone probably asked the seller to add the Buy it Now, I didn’t want to wait too long.

So, I clicked, and quickly paid, and went off to make dinner. Within a couple of minutes my phone rang–it was RL. However, he was calling regarding a different corkscrew. He hadn’t asked for the BIN. I wondered who it was…

After paying for the aforementioned legs, I went back to check the listing. It had indeed been revised–a newly added feature of eBay, allows you to check what the revisions were.

Well, this morning, I received an email which reads,

“Oh really Josef?!
At least one of my boyz got it.”

As well as the exchange between the seller and binner–thanks for including that unnamed binner!

And, keep up the good work!!!

These will make a nice addition to the legs collection!


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