it took a lot of willpower…

I was enjoying a second cup of coffee this morning, and decided to check eBay.

As I was checking what the latest corkscrew listings were, I saw something interesting. A Sterling medicine cup with corkscrew with a Buy it Now with Best Offer option.

I looked closely at the pictures, and thought about what an offer should be. How much will the seller be willing to accept. And, were they online at that instant. What if I make an offer, and someone else logs on and takes it for the buy it now price.

As a general rule, in instances such as this, I have always made an offer and hoped that I would get the corkscrew for less. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like the deal : )

And, that often plays against me. I put in an offer, and someone snaps up the item for the BIN price.

Now, it took a lot of willpower, but I decided against making an offer, and actually clicked the Buy it Now.

So, a lovely little medicine cup corkscrew is heading to the collection. Well, it will probably stay in the collection, it depends how fast RL gets on the phone and tries to trade for it.

After a brief search on information on the Zeilin patent–he of the dosage-cup bottle-stopper–I found a similar looking cup on Don Bull’s site, and an advertisement for this very corkscrew.

A lovely little example of the 1881 Zeilin patent with a sterling mark for the S. Cottle.


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