Nickel Frary J. Gundlach Corkscrew

A few days ago, I had mentioned that I was offered another Gundlach corkscrew. And, while I don’t really need another one, after receiving pictures of the corkscrew, it seems that I genuinely DO NEED one.

This version of the Frary with J. GUNDLACH & CO, SAN FRANCISCO advertising on it, it is in remarkable condition. And, more over, it seems to have a lovely nickel finish.

I have seen various Frarys with this same finish, and this will make an excellent addition to the Frary collection, and will most likely make by best 6 for 2011.

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While the worm, seems to be somewhat askew, the helix itself is sharp! When it arrives, I will add better pictures here, and also on the Frary page.