Christian Heurich

A couple of years ago, Mark and I were in DC and after hitting the DC Flea, headed out to do a little more antiquing. After a few stores, we meandered into one, and I found a small basket of tools. One of which was an opener, with a scoop at the end. I looked closely at the item, and it was an advertisement for Senate Beer. I paid my 10 bucks (or maybe 8, I can’t remember) and brought it that year to the JFO.

John Stanley wanted it badly, and I was glad to sell it to him.

Last year, leading up to the JFO, I picked up another Senate beer opener, this of the sliding-variety. Having won it on eBay, John had emailed promptly after the listing ended, and again, I knew that it would end up in his collection. And, at the meeting, a trade was made.

Well, today, while waiting for an estimate to fix a dent in our car that recently appeared : ( I happened to hop on my iphone and check eBay, and what should appear but a listing for a Heurich (M-73–in JFO-speak) sliding opener with corkscrew, with a Buy it Now of under 30 bucks!

As it happens Christian Heurich was the producer of Senate beer–interestingly, as of the time of this posting John Stanley hasn’t emailed, but I am sure it will happen shortly–and this opener/corkscrew looks to be in fabulous shape.

Now, this will probably make it to the JFO in April, only to have John make a trade for it. I wonder what he has uncovered this year.