the beer corkscrew finds continue…

As a few of you know, one of the first antique corkscrews I ever bought was a Haff patent direct pull with the “PATENT APPD FOR” mark. And, while Haff’s 1885 patent does have a tendency to turn up with certain regularity, I am rather fond of them–there are a lot of variations after all.

Speaking of, the other day, a nice looking haff with henshall-type button was listed on eBay, and while I have a couple of examples of this corkscrew already, this one was a bit more interesting as instead of the Patent mark, or the patent applied for mark, this one carried a beer ad.

Across the brass band, it read, “ST. JOSEPH BREWING CO., ST. JOSEPH, MO”

I definitely was going to bid on this one. And, as the auction ended, I was ultimately the winning bidder
–not for a lack of trying on Tommy’s part however…

Yesterday, the corkscrew arrived, and it is quite nice. And, this will be staying in the collection. I have a growing collection of Haff variants, and this will make a nice addition.

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