construction and corkscrew updates

It is official, the subfloors are down and walls are being framed in the new (old) house. We are on our way!!!

Also, the first round of the ICCAuctions corkscrew auction ends today. Be sure to check out the juicy corkscrews that are available!

Keep in mind, the first listing ends at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

it took a lot of willpower…

I was enjoying a second cup of coffee this morning, and decided to check eBay.

As I was checking what the latest corkscrew listings were, I saw something interesting. A Sterling medicine cup with corkscrew with a Buy it Now with Best Offer option.

I looked closely at the pictures, and thought about what an offer should be. How much will the seller be willing to accept. And, were they online at that instant. What if I make an offer, and someone else logs on and takes it for the buy it now price.

As a general rule, in instances such as this, I have always made an offer and hoped that I would get the corkscrew for less. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like the deal : )

And, that often plays against me. I put in an offer, and someone snaps up the item for the BIN price.

Now, it took a lot of willpower, but I decided against making an offer, and actually clicked the Buy it Now.

So, a lovely little medicine cup corkscrew is heading to the collection. Well, it will probably stay in the collection, it depends how fast RL gets on the phone and tries to trade for it.

After a brief search on information on the Zeilin patent–he of the dosage-cup bottle-stopper–I found a similar looking cup on Don Bull’s site, and an advertisement for this very corkscrew.

A lovely little example of the 1881 Zeilin patent with a sterling mark for the S. Cottle.

Unique U-Neek

Yesterday evening, and email came through untitled “Unique U-Neek.” And, within the text, an antiques dealer from New Orleans was looking for information about the 1917 Wilson Brady patent.

After a few more emails, we finally got to finding a time where we could talk, and we discussed the corkscrew, the value, auction prices–high and low, as well as other corkscrew related information.

After a little back and forth, we discussed what a fair price would be if they were to sell it in their shop.

A few minutes of chatting passed by, and I suddenly decided that I needed another U-Neek–not that I really NEED another U-Neek. Having shared all this information with them, I doubted they would drop the price to an amount that I would be willing to pay, but they came down, and I came up, and eventually we met at a nice price for both parties involved.

So, it looks like another Unique U-Neek will be heading to the island! However, if you have something that you would like to trade for the U-Neek, it could be heading off the island–feel free to offer!

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the girl ran, and a couple of corkscrews

The lovely finished the half marathon yesterday with a flourish, passing several other runners in the process while posting a best ever half time of 2:16:00. Over 3 minutes faster than her half a few weeks ago. Yea Girl!

After a bite to eat, and requisite shower, we headed up the coast for a little antiquing. Nothing really major was found, with the exception of a nice little English corkscrew with twisted shank.

However, whilst we were out to dinner last night, a snipe bid came through on a lot that must have slipped through eBay’s cracks. It ended up with me being the only bidder…

The lot featured four corkscrews, and one of them a Murphy button–signed. The other nice corkscrew in the lot was a LB PARIS signed wooden handle with frame.

Not that I am complaining that I got it for a single bid, but it does boggle the mind how corkscrews slip through unnoticed.

run girl run

The lovely bride and I are in York, Maine this morning for a half-marathon. This is a womens only affair, so I will be cheering her on from the sidelines.

Go Sue!!!!!!

Corkscrew news has been hitting the Iphone, over the last couple of days. The Jopson on eBay sold for just shy of a grand, Gavin picked up a Thomason Variant for cheap, and a 14K gold roundlet corkscrew was purchased from a shop up the road by one of the CCCC attendees.

The shop owner said the buyer was Canadian…okay, which one of you was it???

love the BIN

I was checking eBay yesterday evening, and suddenly a pair of legs appeared with a Buy it Now.

I hesitated for a moment, to check to see if there was any missing celluloid, cracks, etc. However, knowing that someone probably asked the seller to add the Buy it Now, I didn’t want to wait too long.

So, I clicked, and quickly paid, and went off to make dinner. Within a couple of minutes my phone rang–it was RL. However, he was calling regarding a different corkscrew. He hadn’t asked for the BIN. I wondered who it was…

After paying for the aforementioned legs, I went back to check the listing. It had indeed been revised–a newly added feature of eBay, allows you to check what the revisions were.

Well, this morning, I received an email which reads,

“Oh really Josef?!
At least one of my boyz got it.”

As well as the exchange between the seller and binner–thanks for including that unnamed binner!

And, keep up the good work!!!

These will make a nice addition to the legs collection!

the Wetzel corkscrew

Whilst at the ICCA meeting, corks were handed out with our names on them. And, we Fred informed us, that if we presented said cork to the blacksmith at the Shelburne Museum, we would be given something to “screw into it.”

When the lovely and I meandered over to the blacksmith, there was a line of ICCA’ers waiting for their treasure.

Here is the corkscrew smithed by Bob Wetzel. Marked ICCA 2010, it is a wonderful addition to the collection.

optimus and curley

There have been a couple of arrivals!

A couple of corkscrews arrived today via the postal service, and they are both pretty cool.

The first is the German version of the Baker patent double lever. Known as the Optimus and produced by Ernst Demmler, this one is only marked with the number 12, as seen in the photos below.

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And, in the same box, a Curley Patent! Nicely marked, and in pretty darn good shape.

Both of these are available for trade, if you are so inclined. Feel free to make offers!