Norm? Norm? Are you out there?

in 1944, John Henry Miller was awarded US patent 2,342,156 for this stopper extractor… And, this turns up on occasion in various colors (blue, gold, red and silver); also patented in the UK and Cananda, it was marketed as the Valezina.

Well, somewhere along the way it appears that Norm Thompson got a hold of the Miller patent, and decided to sell it himself. And, other day I picked up a gold version of the Valezina with Norm Thompson emblazoned across the barrel of the corkscrew.

Why Norm decided on this particular corkscrew to sell, I have no idea. However, I would love to know if anyone out there has a vintage (circa 1944-1950) Norm Thompson catalog that shows this corkscrew.

Alternatively, if your name happens to be Norm Thompson, and you are looking for a corkscrew that literally has your name on it, drop me a line.