elephant and monkey arrive, and the one that got away…

Well, having received confirmation from Philly Rains, and several offers from interested collectors, it was with much anticipation that I opened the package containing the elephant and monkey corkscrew when it arrived the other day.

From the images in the eBay listing, everything looked to be in nice shape, but you never know…

I unwrapped it carefully, and the seller had provided more than adequate packaging. And, it looks to be perfect.

The little monkey is a bottle opener, and fits quite well into his appropriate position. It is just sooo cool, that it might have to stay in the collection, although if the right trade is offered, it could end up elsewhere.

Speaking of corkscrews… For some reason, and I really don’t know why I do this, there is the occasion where I will check completed listings to see what things have sold. Usually, I am pretty on top of this, but every once in a while something slips through that is missed entirely.

And, over the last week a very nice corkscrew did slip through. I never even saw it, not that I may have had a chance. Apparently it was on a Buy it Now or Best Offer–which was followed by an offer, which was accepted.

A lovely corkscrew that would definitely be staying in the collection had I acquired it…


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  1. We own the same monkey and elephant corkscrew and know my great grandmother owned it in Germany but don’t have any other information. Do you have an idea as to the date it was made, artist or value of this item? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Much!

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