heading to America for the day…

I am hopping on the first boat this morning, and heading to the mainland for the day. The trip will be really about picking up the new floors, new shingles, a new 10 foot window–which will allow for a nice harbor view–and various other construction materials for the new house.

Hopefully, given that I am heading to a new area, I might be able to hit a few antique stores on the way. And, given I am driving a panel truck, there should be room for a whole collection of corkscrews. I will update the blog later tonight–or more likely in the morning–should any corkscrews be found.

Speaking of, I did manage to win an auction lately. Not that the corkscrew is truly rare, but it definitely was a good buy. The winning bid amount $ 1.25, and given that it was online, there was a internet buyer’s premium of 19 cents.

As mentioned above, not a true rarity, but not bad for a total of $1.44

Updates later!