back on the island

750 sq. feet of Hemlock milled from the salvaged pilings of the Fore Street Bridge in Quincy MA, 700 square feet of cedar shingles with bleaching oil, and a 10 foot by 4 foot casement window found their way into back of a rental truck yesterday, and this morning I got the truck over the island.

No corkscrews were found, however. At least not in my travels.

However, there was an interesting listing on eBay, that looks to have a nice American patent, and as fortune would have it, I was at a lengthy stop light, and glanced at my iPhone to see the listing. Definitely a plus to have added the eBay app : ) And, to have been stuck at a traffic light, and to have seen the lot first : )

I snapped it up, and hopefully, when the lot arrives, the Chinnock patent nicely marked…

Tomorrow, I head back to the mainland to return the truck, and seek out some soapstone tile for the bathroom in the new house. It is really coming together!


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