the little things that make a difference

At the ICCA Annual General Meeting this year, John Morris gave a great presentation on “The little things that make a difference.” Through his presentation he provided examples of corkscrews that changed over time, whether a departure from the original patent, a change–or addition–that may have been made in production, or alternatively changes in materials.

In essence, when you pick up a corkscrew, and you say, “oh, I already have this…” You may want to double check, as you may have actually picked up a similar corkscrew that is distinctively different.

One of the corkscrews mentioned in John’s presentation was the Chinnock patent. And, he provided these examples of the variations in the barrel of the Chinnock:

And, as mentioned the other day, I believed that there was a Chinnock patent in the lot that I picked up on eBay. And, the corkscrew lot arrived today.

I expected the Chinnock to be similar to the barrel example that I already have in the collection, however… It is quite different, but not only in the way that the top of the barrel is formed. Instead the opening is square instead of round.

And, it is nicely marked with CHINNOCK’S PATENT MAY 27 1863

The little things, do make a difference. And, this one is definitely staying in the collection. It may even make the best 6 for 2011!