Updates, a Gottfried-Krueger Brewing Corkscrew, and the blizzard ends

Well, after reading Tommy’s blog, it would seem my suspicions have been confirmed, and it was RL who procured the “Will and Tuck” (Will and Finck) corkscrew.

Meanwhile, a deal was struck with a well-known breweriana collector, for another Gottfried-Krueger advertising corkscrew.

It looks to be in very nice shape and may make it to the JFO in April. However, if an appropriate trade is offered… : )

For those wondering about the the blizzard on the North East, it ended last night at around 7 pm for us, however the wind kept howling–with gusts up to 60 mph through the morning. A short power outage during the evening, but other than that just loads of beautiful snow.

disappearing corkscrew

Well, it has happened again. A nice San Francisco made corkscrew has disappeared off of eBay.

The corkscrew, listed as “ANTIQUE ENGLISH IVORY HANDLE CORKSCREW MARKED 1800s!!!” And, in the listing mistakenly described as being marked “WILL & TUCK”, instead of WILL & FINCK suddenly vanished off the ubiquitous site today.

And, while no one has ‘fessed up as to striking a deal with the seller to end the listing and sell it off line, it is pretty clear that is what has happened.

I would love to post a photo of the corkscrew here, but as mentioned above it vanished. Gone without a trace!

Now, I have a sneaking suspicion as to who the scoundrel is that helped to facilitate with its disappearance…but for the moment, they shall remain nameless.