a little Moet & Chandon

It would seem that with New Year’s upon us, a little Moet is in order.

And, as luck would have it, yesterday a seller and I came to an agreement on a French version of the 1903 Georg Hausmann German registered corkscrew marked MOET & CHANDON.

I have long wanted one of these in nice shape, and this one looks to be pretty awesome, with only a little finish loss.

Ferd’s book on Mechanical Corkscrews explains, that there were 4 different versions made in France with modifications over the years. The oldest is said to have, “…two projection stops (pins) fixed to the levers”(Peters, 1999, p. 202). The version that will be arriving on the island, looks to have those pins.

Definitely a nice corkscrew to add to the collection.


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