An auction was held today in the UK which featured several corkscrews in one lot. And, I had been hemming and hawing over how much to bid on the collection, as one particular piece intrigued me.

I thumbed through books, and failed to find a reference for it. So, I figured I would contact the auction house and see if they had any further information. As it happens, when the condition report came back, the auction-person explained that two of the pieces were marked and the mystery cork puller was marked Gooding…


I had thumbed through Fletcher Wallis’ book, but saw nothing that looked like it. And, then I proceeded to look at a document that was circulated prior to the London ICCA meeting, which had British patents and registrations pictured—still nothing.

Thinking that Wally surely would have the piece in his book, I went to the index and found a reference for Gooding on page 290.

It seems our man Gooding was awarded a provisional patent for his improved cork-drawer in 1871. Still, there was no picture in Wally’s book, but there was a line drawing.

I emailed the auction house, and put in a bid; a fairly healthy one at that. However, given that I have yet to hear from the auction house, I am going to assume that my bid was too low.

Still, it is a fantastic looking corkscrew, and one that I would love to have in my collection. Again, assuming that I was outbid, congrats to whomever got it. It looks to be truly remarkable.

And, not that I am obsessed about this or anything, but whilst trying to unearth information about the cork-drawer, I did run across this:

And, here is the lot. Oh, the ones that get away….


3 responses

  1. What a fantastic piece! And a great story too.I guess you are holding us in suspense about how much it went for.Peter Borrett had an interesting story recently about a Jones 2 auction and told us everything except the price.
    By the way I would still like to put my updated note on the CCCC site.And I assume you will let CCCC members stick there best 6 on the site?

  2. What a great piece! I work for Biddle and Webb Auctioneers who offered the items for sale. The hammer price was £6400! It was a really exciting auction giving a great result, not least for the vendor who had saved the corkscrews as a child from her grandfathers collection of picnic boxes! As she is to be married on Saturday, we were delighted to be able to send her off with such a wonderful wedding present.
    I would like to thank you for posting the information about the cork pull, I shall save it in case there is ever a next time!

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