more construction updates…

While there are some corkscrew deals in the works, the focus remains on the construction of the new digs.

And, today we managed to finish the majority of the sheetrock, and will begin mudding tomorrow or Friday. And, we ordered the woodstove which will be in the living room! It really is coming together, and hopefully next week, we will being installing the floors.

As mentioned recently, Tommy has taken to posting an “It’s Wednesday and I Want…” on his blog. And, given that it is Wednesday, I figured I might as well follow suit.

It’s Wednesday and I Want…


Green Celluloid Alligator Corkscrew

I know, I already have one, but “Snappy the Gator” has been lonely as of late, and needs a celluloid companion in the corkscrew swamp.

I have corkscrews to trade, if anyone has an extra.


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