it just started snowing again…

It has been beautiful today, and in between checking on the house progress, working on the design of a new cafe, and working with the guy building our kitchen cabinets, the lovely managed to fit in a run, and I…managed to fit in a nap.

For those that aren’t aware, I have been under the weather as of late, and the nap seemed quite necessary.

Of course, napping definitely takes away from hunting down corkscrews. However, not to fear, I did manage a nice corkscrew/syroco twosome yesterday whilst on my iPhone waiting to board the boat.

The picture (below) is of said ebay listing which was listed with a 15 dollar buy it now. Definitely a deal, and having accomplished a corkscrew purchase, I celebrated with a nap. I mean, what else was I going to do on the hour + boat ride.

I do believe I am on the mend however, and should be back to construction and corkscrewing as per usual by Monday. Next on the schedule is to install the reclaimed hemlock floors in the dining room and kitchen–pictures of house progress soon!


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