medium rare please…

I spent this morning and afternoon tiling the bathroom in the new house. And, as fortune would have it, both the electrician AND the cabinet maker decided to swing by the house while I was there. So, we figured out some lighting, the design for the kitchen, and the tile is almost done. Not a bad day!

And, then in between doing a few chores around the other house, I hopped on eBay for a couple of moments. And, it seems as though the inexpensive BIN streak continues, as listed for a whopping asking price of 2 dollars was an American patented prong puller.

Now, before you get all excited thinking I managed to get a Mumford for 2 bucks, it is not that prong puller. Nor is it a Converse. No, this is not as valuable, but actually turns up less frequently than the Converse.

A nice prong puller which is patent number 3,257,873–issued on June 28, 1966 and assigned to The Steak Joint Inc., New York, N. Y.

So, it would seem a medium rare corkscrew is heading to the island. That said, this one happens to be a double, so if you are in need of a Steak Joint prong puller, drop me a line.

Heck, if you have a Converse or Mumford for 2 bucks, I would also be game!!!


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