296 for a Mishicot…

An interesting corkscrew with beer advertising was listed on eBay last week, and over the course of the days leading up to its final moments, it continued to climb.

It didn’t reach the super high prices of the twisted treasures that we covet, but it definitely is a reminder that you should check the markings on your corkscrews.

This was a simple “All-ways” Clough corkscrew with advertising that was a little worn.

Worn or not, across the wooden handle was printed, “Drink “Our Special” Beer Brewed and Bottled by Mishicot Brewing Co. Mishicot, Wis’.”

When the dust had settled, and the auction ended, the little Mishicot/All-Ways/Clough garnered $ 296.00!

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  2. Hi! I grew up in Mishicot, WI, and just stumbled across this. Thought you might be interested in a little background. The Mishicot Brewing Co. started sometime around 1864 or 1865, and operated until 1928, when Prohibition forced it to convert to a pop factory. At the end of Prohibition, a Chicago-based company purchased the business with the intention of reopening it as a brewery. Those plans fell through, however. Part of the brewery building is still standing, but is in serious disrepair. You can view it here, on Google Streetview: http://g.co/maps/tmsv2

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