so…by chance is there a corkscrew attached?

It seems that often as I am searching for corkscrews, I find myself picking up an opener that might have a corkscrew attached to it, hoping that the dealer/seller has simply chosen to lay it on a table with the corkscrew side down.

And each time, I live in hope that a corkscrew will be revealed. Although, it does seem that more often than not, there isn’t a corkscrew attached.

It isn’t like I have actually really counted, but think about how many times each of us have picked up what might be a Neal patent, only to find that it is lacking the corkscrew.

One of the other corkscrews, or more aptly put, utensils that often is lacking the corkscrew is the Amigone patent. In his third design patent (c. 1967), he finally attached a corkscrew to his AMI Open-All.

And, while not as rare as the Neal (or as valuable) it is inevitable that when a Amigone is found laying on a table at a local flea, it will be flipped over with hopes that there is…a corkscrew attached. And, more often than not–there isn’t a corkscrew.

As luck would have it, on our drive down to Portland this weekend, the lovely bride and I happened on an antique store that had an AMI Open-All. And, the Ami Open-All had a corkscrew!!!

In its original box, it is in great shape and even includes the original instructions!

Fortunately, the price was fair–and with cash in hand, the price got even better : )

One response

  1. Gee, I was getting all excited at the beginning of the blog! Anyway, great find on the Ami with corkscrew, too bad it wasn’t a Neal. I found my Neal in an antique store in Bisbee for a very low price. In fact, it was so low I was embarrassed to ask for a deal. Imagine that!!! I hope the rest of the trip was fun….

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