34 days and 5 hours…and Frary updates

34 days and 5 hours until the 2011 baseball season kicks off…

And, while I eagerly look forward to the baseball season, in between mudding, taping, tiling, grouting, and various other construction chores, I have put some updated information on the Frary corkscrew site! The update provides a little more information, and a lot more images–thanks to some corkscrew collecting friends.

The text is from an article that I wrote for the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts publication, Bottle Scrue Times. And, after discussing it with the editor (Jack) he said, yes…by all means post it for everyone.

If you care to give it a read, peruse the pictures, or simply need something to do while you are waiting for baseball season to start, click here .

And, if you have a Frary corkscrew for sale, trade, or perhaps a gift : ) drop me a line at josef@vintagecorkscrews.com

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