Hamish McBride strikes again

Early on in my hunt for corkscrews, I managed to find a 1949 Howard Ross patent corkscrew. Shaped like a pig, with a opener for a snout, and a quite appropriate corkscrew tail, I was thrilled.

Okay, well maybe not thrilled, but I was pleased.

And, over the years I have had similar, but in different colors. Black, Green, Red, Cream, Yellow, (no, not blue), and even was lucky enough to find one in its original packaging–which now resides in TC’s collection.

Yesterday, another Cap’n Corky the Party Porky –as the packaging described– ended on eBay. And none other than Peter Borrett (Alias Hamish McBride) was the winner.

Now, I did bid. And, I half expected to win the clover adorned porker, but alas…

I wonder if Hamish will consider sending it to me, as he owes me money… What do you say Pete?

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