the markings are still a mystery…kind of

First of all, the big news is the first coat of finish was put on the floors of the new house today. And, if all goes well, I should be putting the second and third coat on tomorrow. Then, we trim out the windows and doors, install the baseboard, and we are almost there. Of course, the kitchen cabinets aren’t yet built, but soon enough!

Anyway, on to corkscrewing….

After sending a few emails to the seller of the ivory handled corkscrew mentioned yesterday, and requesting information regarding how it might be marked. She responded with explaining, that it was hard to make out, but looks like… ““G 5 spell””

G 5 Spell… hmmmmmm….

While I was trying to figure out how, G 5 Spell is anything remotely familiar, Gary Island emailed to explain that he has similar corkscrews, and they are usually marked H & B, or CASTSTEEL. Well, at least those seem a little closer to G 5 Spell…

As the seller mentioned, she had a hard time figuring out what it said…

So… when the “G 5 Spell” Ivory handled direct pull arrives, I promise to look at it with a loupe and report back here.