heading to the mainland tomorrow, flooring, and a woodstove

Tomorrow I head to the mainland on the first boat. And, after picking up the new woodstove for the house, I will be hitting some antique stores. Of course, with any luck, I will find something a little more exciting than the last time I took a drive up the coast.

Now, this is not to say that I didn’t find corkscrews in the various antique shops and malls at which I stopped & shopped. I did find corkscrews. Generally common or alternatively over-priced corkscrews, but corkscrews none the less.

Still, I forged on hoping that something would turn up. I headed up to Ellsworth, Maine and didn’t find anything to buy, but was encouraged to see that a new antique mall is opening. 15,000 feet and 50-60 dealers. Hopefully, one of them will have found a few corkscrews by my next visit–not tomorrow mind you, as they still aren’t open, and I will be heading the opposite direction.

On my way back down from Ellsworth, I did make a shocking discovery. In a little antique mall, I came across a bulletin board with a load of business cards tacked up. Most of these were either from dealers, or collectors.

As I considered putting one of my own business cards up, I looked a little more closely. And, what should I see but…


Hmmmm… what to do, what to do, what to do…

What would you do?

Post your business card or flyer requesting corkscrews?

Take down Barry and Paul’s posted requests and slip them in your pocket, replacing it with yours?

Leave them up there, and just hope that any dealer in the shop has walked by that board a myriad of times, and doesn’t bother to look anymore?

Cover them up with other business cards that have previously been posted, and place yours in plain sight?

While you mull over that dilemma, I put the second coat on the flooring yesterday, and will do the third coat today. They really have a fantastic look–feel free to ignore the support post in the middle of the floor, that will be integrated into the kitchen design.

If anything turns up during tomorrow’s adventure, I will post it upon my return.

Until then–and for those wondering–I left the bulletin board as is. But, I did go downstairs and talk to the mall owners about my obsession for corkscrews, and they told me they would keep an eye out for them.