Humason & Beckley Corkscrew

After a few email exchanges with Gary, about the aforementioned “G 5 Spell” I was convinced that it was a Humason & Beckley corkscrew, and would be marked CASTSTEEL.

And, the corkscrew arrived yesterday, and that is indeed the marking. I did look at Goin’s Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings and Pankiewicz’ New England Cutlery. Both reference Humason & Beckley, but neither mention the CAST STEEL mark.

However, an internet search did bring up many knife websites that have both the H & B mark as well as CASTSTEEL. Now, the marking is a little hard to make out, and it was understandable why the seller’s information was a little off.

That said, it is a really handsome–albeit simple–corkscrew.

Off to America for the day. Hopefully a corkscrew (or several) will be found in my travels…

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