Magic Cork Reactor?

Yesterday, the lovely went for a run, while I was doing some construction chores. And, as I had finished up, I meandered over to where the laptop was sitting, and decided to check email, ebay, and the like.

And, as eBay came up, I had to look twice.

It couldn’t be…

A nice 1892 American Patent cork puller with a buy it now price of $ 10.99. I looked closely at the listing, and clicked the buy it now.

Actually, I couldn’t do it fast enough, as I knew those of you reading this would have snapped it up had you seen it.

After the item was secured, I went back to examine the pictures. The photos aren’t that good, but the cork puller looks to be complete, with no damage that I could see. And, even if it had a bit of damage–at 11 dollars, it was still a fantastic deal.

So…, I went through the motions and paid the 10.99 + shipping, and then revisited the item description. This was not a requested Buy it Now, as there were no revisions to the listing. Nope, the seller who described his corkscrew as,

“Vintage Wine Cork Reactor ( cork screw)

Made by Magic Cork Reactor, Marked Pat Mar. 4, 1879, Made May 10th,1892

Has wooden handle as is made of metal

Condition: Good”

also decided that this corkscrew was worth $ 10.99

I certainly hope he finds others… : )