eldridge brewing, baseball, and construction updates

The other day, I managed to win (on eBay) a Williamson Roundlet corkscrew with an advertising plate for Eldridge Brewing — out of Portsmouth, NH.

A nice little corkscrew, but this one might be making its way to the JFO next month. It will, most likely, be up for trade, and I have a feeling given some of the openers/corkscrews that I will be bringing that JS will step up to the plate with something rare and awesome (that was a subtle hint John)

Speaking of stepping up to the plate, baseball season is only 14 days 7 hours away! Go Giants!!!

As far as the construction goes. We have trimmed out most of the first floor–and should be finished tomorrow. And, the bases for the kitchen cabinets should be going in soon. Also, the zinc (yes zinc) has been ordered for the countertops and will be arriving mid next week. We will be moving in really soon!