A Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Yes, I am aware that St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday, but as it happened there was a corkscrew auction in PA yesterday, and I managed to come away with a couple lots. And, so indeed it was a Happy Corkscrewy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

I had hoped to win a couple of other corkscrews as well, but between my internet connection, and the bidding live button, I did miss out on a couple of others; a four pillar, and a silver picnic. On the four pillar, I had lost connection, so I couldn’t do much about it. On the silver picnic, I actually clicked the bid button, but the item ended while my bid read pending. That one kind of hurt, as the corkscrew sold for all of about 90 dollars.

And, that was what was so amazing about this auction. The auction company advertised it widely. It was on Artfact, they sent emails to me directly, and I found it on a couple of other sites too. Not that I am complaining, but the prices were verrrrrrrrrrry fair–low actually : )

So, in the end I did come away with four lots:

A direct pull with blade. I am hoping this is marked.

A two corkscrew lot, that looks to include a Curley–again, no mention of markings, but still a nice corkscrew.

A signed J. Rodgers & Son Henshall.

And, lastly a double hinged folding corkscrew with pipe tamper ends.

On a construction note, I did install the wood stove, the cabinets in the kitchen are in the beginning stages, and we are almost completely finished with the trim. And,, if all goes as planned, the guest room and office upstairs will be ready by the end of the weekend!

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