We are closing in on moving to the new house, so much of my time–all of my time–is being spent finishing up construction work on our new home. We are really really close to finishing, and actually have our phone and internet being hooked up at 65 Atlantic on the 28th. Blogs, emails, and any bidding on eBay might be delayed that day.

Feel free to take advantage of my absence : )

That said, the corkscrews from the auction mentioned the other day arrived. And, as hoped, several of the corkscrews were indeed marked.

The direct pull with blade, is marked H & B MFG, which stands for Humason and Beckley.

The Curley is marked with its patent information and Troy, NY. I believe bell is a little different than my other Curleys, and will have to check that out.

The J. Rodgers, is of course marked, J. Rodgers & Son, Sheffield.

And, the double folder is unmarked. As I suspected, but hoped otherwise.

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After showing them to the lovely bride, she laid claim to the double folder…..