Tucker? Really?

Last week a Tucker was listed on eBay with a detailed description that included a reference to an ICCAuction where the Tucker patent corkscrew sold for over 1800 dollars.

And, the seller, decided on what they felt was an appropriate reserve, and let the auction run.

At some point during the week, the seller reduced the reserve price.

And, this afternoon, knowing that the corkscrew listing was ending, I checked the price. Significantly less than what the corkscrew on the ICCAuction sold for, and still not hitting the reserve.

So, I threw a bid on the Tucker, and lo behold it met the reserve. However, my bid was exactly the reserve price, and any further bidding would have taken it.

I headed back to the house/construction site, and figured that the corkscrew would come close to the ICCAuction sales price.

After a bit of spackling, caulking, and getting ready for final coats of paint, I picked up my iPhone to see that I won. How is that even possible, I said aloud. A Tucker… Really?

Why or how, I guess is unimportant. What is important, is there will be a lovely Tucker patent heading to the collection.

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On a side note, PB emailed after the auction ended to explain that he had a snipe bid set, but the seller’s USA only shipping blocked the snipe from going through.

Sorry Petey… (kind of)