adding to the best 6…

Funny how it works this way. Tommy just worked a deal with another collector, and has added to great corkscrews to his collection. And, unless something phenomenal comes his way, the two should make his best 6

(wouldn’t it be cool, if they didn’t measure up TC?).

And, while I didn’t add two to the collection, I did add one, as the Tucker arrived today on the island, and it should make the best 6 for 2011.

We are still early in the corkscrew fiscal year to be choosing, but at this point, I believe the Chinnock variant with square opening and the Tucker will ultimately make the cut.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a house construction note, we actually started moving in! I have some small touch ups to do, and a little paint on the trim, but construction–minus the kitchen–will be complete by Monday! Then, early on next week the cabinetry should be complete. There were moments where I didn’t think we would make the April 1 deadline, but it looks like we should be living there within a few days!

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