4 days till the JFO, and a corkscrew heading to the collection

Okay… I know… it is more often than not that I say a corkscrew is heading to the collection, as that is pretty much the point of collecting.

And, yesterday a corkscrew was listed on eBay.UK for a smokin’ buy it now of practically nothing. And, practically nothing at the current exchange rate is still a smokin’ deal.

So, I clicked the button.

Now, this corkscrew will take a rather circuitous route to get to me, as the seller only wanted to ship within the UK.

And, so the corkscrew will be shipped to Peter–who inevitably will open the package thinking it was for him, and he will scratch his head wondering if he actually purchased it, or possibly the corkscrew gods merely gifted it to him.

Eventually, he will realize that it is addressed to me–in c/o Mr. Borrett–and then will let me know that it has arrived safely.

This may also be followed with an offer to buy said corkscrew.

When it arrives Petey, throw it in my drawer!

Also, only 4 days till the Just for Openers meeting. Reports from Cedar Rapids starting Tuesday!


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